Romance With a Side of Spice
Romance With a Side of Spice

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Exciting News

My first ebook will be published in August, 2014! At a Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta, GA in July 2013, Soul Mate Publishing requested my novel, At Your Service. I never knew all that having a book published entails. Lots to do, so I'd better get busy!

A Roommate

One of my daughters sold her house, so until she decides what to do, I have a roommate! I'm finding it hard to not be her 'mother' (where are you going, what are you doing, etc) and trying to give her more space.  Sometimes this is very hard.  I am still, no matter what her age, her mother.  How do other families handle this?

Christmas with the Kids

With divorces in the mix, my kids (four of them) have to spread themselves between more than the normal two sets of parents.  I don't envy them the task of doing Christmas with one set, dinner with another and yet another.  So at times I'm celebrating Christmas on December 12th because that's the only weekend everyone (my kids and spouses) isavailable.  This year we celebrated my part on the 21st.  There is a good side to having it early in December - my shopping and wrapping are done and I can just relax and enjoy the official holiday comes.  Let me explain: for 56 years now, I've gone 'home' to my sister's and brother-in-law's house.  They have their Christmas on Christmas Eve. Several years ago, my kids having their own children (I have 4 daughters and 4 grandsons) stopped going to my sister's.  I understand that they want to have their family wake up in their own beds, but I miss them.  Lives are always changing, but as long as I get to celebrate Christmas with my daughters and their families, it's all good.


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